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is a cartoonist, a designer, a general media enthusiast, and your friend. They long to return to the sea after centuries of exile.



of the currently updating variety.

Kim & Noe Will Be Okay - A comic about trying to move on from difficult things.
Updating twice a week when I can.


of the on-hiatus or long-ended variety.

Everything is Ordinary - A comic about trying to make the best of the worst.
Sixteen strips, an experiment that I cancelled in 2018.
UNEND - Immortal teens trying to figure out, like, life and stuff.
Updated from 2015 to 2017.
WTTF - Gag strips about pop culture.
Updated in 2013.
The Department of Breakfast - Frequently experimental gag strips about pop culture.
Updated from 2012 to 2014.
Uncanny Benevolent - They win the lottery. It doesn't go anywhere.
Updated in 2014.
Let's Fucking Swear - Inside jokes with me and my friend David. No, really, they're mostly inside jokes.
Updated in 2015.


of which I promise there is some, but I gotta get it put together first.